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This platform aims at collecting, processing, archiving, making available via the Internet a databank and database with uncorrected and corrected three-component strong-motion acceleration records from the greater European area their corresponding response spectra their associated seismological-, instrumental- and site-specific parameters information and parameters about strong-motion networks in the greater European area and their operators allowing the user to search the databank and database for the selection and free download of design input data and network related parameters.

The work carried out during the project has been divided in three tasks:

The first task deals with the development of a databank and database suitable for the establishment of an Internet based platform with four similar Internet-sites at the participating institutes and organizations.

The second task focuses on collecting of strong-motion records and on uniform processing of available analogue and digital European strong-motion records as well as new strong-motion records. High priority has been given to the wealth of unpublished strong-motion records either collected by the strong-motion networks operated by the partners or archived in partner's databanks. Retrieval of new strong-motion records and network-specific information is an important task, and keeps the Internet based platform active and growing. Special emphasis has been given to a uniform and reliable assessment of all seismological-, instrumental- and site-specific parameters, a task, which often is not fulfilled by other strong-motion databases previously assembled world-wide or on a regional level.

The third task comprises the development and establishment of an Internet based platform from where strong-motion records and their associated parameters from tasks one and two can be freely accessed and downloaded. The platform, forming the Internet-site for European strong-motion data (ISESD), has been established with identical Internet-sites at the institutes and organizations participating in the project. During the period of the project the operation and maintenance of all sites has been funded by project sources. After the end of the project the running of the platform is secured in co-operation with the European Association for Earthquake Engineering.

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