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The SMD Navigator shipped with the CD-ROM is a comprehensive search engine and waveform-visualisation program for all strong-motion records, elastic response spectra and associated parameters released on this CD-ROM.

Several interactive selection, search and display procedures are included, which help the user in the selection, visualisation and extraction of design input data. Strong-motion records may be exported either as SAC or ASCII. The program also enables to copy all browser-tables and figures to other Windows-applications using the Windows clipboard.

The waveform-window forms the central part of the browser and displays the results of the query defined by the user. It consists of the following sub-windows:
List of selected earthquakes and their parameters (sub-window 1).
Vertical component of all selected records. The corresponding station-parameters will appear in a coolsheet as soon as the mouse is pointed on the station-name. All components of a record will be displayed in the 3rd sub-window after clicking on the corresponding station-name (sub-window 2).
All components of the record selected in the 2nd sub-window are displayed in sub-window 3.
The 4th sub-window is a toolbar with several buttons for selecting of different windows (waveform-window, station-window, map-window), type of records to be displayed (uncorrected-, corrected-record, elastic response spectra), buttons for zooming and filtering of time histories and spectra, printing and/or exporting of the records or copying of the content of selected sub-window to the Windows clipboard.

Browser 1

The station-window displays all station- and waveform-parameters of selected records in a spreadsheet. It also displays a list of selected earthquakes and their parameters. The distribution of records of a selected earthquake can be visualised either with a PGA-distance plot (station-window object) or with a regional distribution plot (map-window object).

Browser 2

The optimum system requirements to use the browser program provided on the CD-ROM are as follow:
IBM® compatible personal computer with a Pentium II 266MHz processor.
Monitor and graphic card that support 1,024x768 pixels and 32,768 colours.
128MB RAM.
32x CD-drive
Microsoft® Windows 95, 98SE or Microsoft® Windows NT4 SP4

To get started:

Insert the CD-ROM in your CD-drive. The browser program, SMDN.exe, runs automatically off the CD-ROM. If the browser program does not start automatically, open a Windows Explorer window, click on your CD-drive icon, and double-click on the SMDN.exe program.
No software or data will be installed on your PC and no commercial database-software is needed. However it is recommended to install Adobe® Acrobat® Reader 4.0, Microsoft® EXCEL 97 Spreadsheet File Viewer an ASCII-editor.

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