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This section enables interactive querying of the European strong-motion database and extracting of selected strong-motion records. The associated parameters of more than 3,000 acceleration time histories from earthquakes in Europe and adjacent areas are archived in the database. More than 2,000 acceleration time histories are archived in the databank as uncorrected and corrected record together with the corresponding elastic response spectra. These records are all released to the public domain by a number of different individuals, organizations and agencies and may be downloaded from this site as digital record. Their contribution to this database and databank is acknowledged.

The search of the database and extraction of selected acceleration time histories comprises of the following steps:
Step 1: User identification
Step 2: Entering of criteria for the selection of earthquakes, recording stations and acceleration time histories
Step 3: Presentation of the results of the database search and selection of acceleration time histories to be downloaded from the site
Step 4: Preparation of a CSV-file (compatible with MS EXCELŽ) with all associated earthquake-, station- and waveform-parameters of the selected acceleration time histories
  Extraction of uncorrected and corrected acceleration time histories and elastic response spectra from the databank and preparation of the files for downloading by the user
  Submission of an E-Mail with instructions where and how the prepared files can be downloaded. The CSV-file of step 3 will be attached to this E-Mail
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