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Earthquake: Alkion

Flinn Engdahl Region: Greece Country: Greece

Date and Time: 24.02.1981 20:53:37 UTC

Epicenter: 38.1 N 22.84 E WGS84

Focal Depth: 10km

Mb: 6.1 ML: 6.8

Ms: 6.68 Mw: 6.6

Mo: 8.9E+18Nm Intensity: IXMSK64

Fault Mechanism: normal

Earthquake Reference: Ambraseys N., P. Smit, R. Berardi, D. Rinaldis, F. Cotton, C. Berge (2000): Dissemination of

European Strong-Motion Data. CD-ROM collection, European Commission, DGXII, Science,

Research and Development, Bruxelles, Belgium

Last Revision: 15.06.2000

Acceleration Time Histories:

total: 2 records Dist. [km] PGA [m/s*s]

Station Name Coordinates Geology D Fault. Horizontal Vertical

Xilokastro-OTE Building 38.08 N 22.63 E soft soil 19 4 2.839 1.242

Korinthos-OTE Building 37.93 N 22.93 E soft soil 20 13 3.037 1.139

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